Heather Hassell: 239-207/8466

VDMW office number: 239-394-3099

Our on-site maintenance hours are
7:45 am to 2:00 pm
Mon thru Fri

On-site Facilities Supervisor : Ken Price


If you have a comment or complaint, please fill out an action request form located under the notice board and place it in the registration box in the foyer. Or send an e-mail to vdmw@marcocable.com

Office is located on-site at the 2nd floor of D Building

Office is staffed Mon - Fri

Office Number: 239-394-3099
Fax Number: 239-970-6065

Please call office between 7 am & 12:30 pm unless there is an emergency...

Emergency number is


Thank You, Heather Hassell

Ville de Marco West
is managed by
Heather Hassell